White Balance Presets in Lightroom

///White Balance Presets in Lightroom

How to apply Lightroom’s White Balance Presets to a JPEG file? White Balance presets will work on RAW but not JPEG, why? Let us explain.

Wether or not you can use Lightroom’s built-in presets to adjust the white balance in your photo, really comes down to which file type you have. If your camera is set to RAW then you can use the built in White Balance presets in Lightroom with no problem at all. However, if your camera is set to JPEG then you will not have access to the White Balance presets in Lightroom.

If you are using RAW, then you can click through any of the options available (example: Daylight, Cloudy, Auto, Tungsten, Fluorescent, and Flash). If you are using JPEG, you will only have access to Auto, As shot and Custom. All of the others will not be available.

You can create White Balance presets of your own which can then be used on a JPEG file but you must create them or find someone who is giving or selling them.

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