How to Soften Skin in Lightroom CC

///How to Soften Skin in Lightroom CC

By far the coolest way to soften skin inside of Lightroom CC. This will show you first how to select only the skin and then soften the skin to perfection.

The basics of this how to video all comes from making a perfect selection of the thing we need to fix. In this case, the skin is that thing we are looking to make changes to but how do we make a selection without grabbing things we don’t want. Since this tutorial is all about softening skin, we need to make sure that the parts of the face such as the eyes, mouth, nose, eyelashes, eyebrows, and hair are all left a lone.

In many cases, to do such a task would require us to leave the comforts of Lightroom and head into the depths of Photoshop where advanced selection tools are plentiful (if you know how to use them). Luckily for you, we don’t have to head into these deep waters because Lightroom offers a super easy way of making selections by using the Auto Mask function of our Adjustment Brush.

Once the selection is made, we will use Lightroom’s built in Brush Preset to soften the skin. Finally, we can control the amount of sharpening to achieve the perfect amount. If it all sounds too good to be true, watch this tutorial┬áto see just how easy it really is.


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