The difference between Vibrance and Saturation

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While Donald Trump might have failed after his recent debate, Donal Trump is also failing in his use of tanning products.

Don’t make skin tones that look like Donald Trump when using Lightroom or Photoshop. Knowing the difference between Saturation and Vibrance can mean the difference between making someone look like Donal Trump or not.

Vibrance is going to effect the cooler tones.
Saturation is going to effect the warmer tones.

In addition to that, Vibrance is going to favor the weaker colors and Saturation is going to remove or increase color. Knowing this fact is very important when making color adjustments to your colors.

In this Photonerds University video, we will show you exactly how this works with before and after examples to help make sense of this information.


  • Side by side looks were very helpful. Thank you!

    Becky 10.10.2016
    • We will keep that in mind for future side by side comparisons as well, whatever we can do to help someone learn, we are willing to try. Thanks for the feedback.

      JymmyJack 11.10.2016
  • Simple video that finally explains what I’ve noticed but truly didn’t fully understand. Thanks Adam

    • Maritza, This was a tricky one even for us when we first started out, so we thought that a video about the differences would help. Glad you finally have a better understanding.

      JymmyJack 11.10.2016

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