Sunday School: Episode 2

//Sunday School: Episode 2
Thermal Wall Art with PhotoNERDs, Sunday School Episode 2. Iceland Photo Tour 2015, with McKay Photography Academy

Thermal Wall Art

Iceland 2015

See and Capture

It felt as though we had been driving non-stop for hours (and minus a few pit stops for Pringles and Hot Dogs, we had) but finally we reached Námafjall, Hverir. Námafjall is a mountain near Mývatn in the North East of Iceland. The mountain is close to the Kraftla volcano and is right in the middle of a geothermal area. The mountain is hot and the snow melts much quicker on Námafjall.

The challenge at this location was that the area was vast, flat and to many students I worked with, difficult to compose. So I explained that my plan was to take photos of the interesting patterns and textures in a Vertical position with the horizon higher than the normal thirds rule. Below you can see that I have 12 different versions of this idea.

Also note that every image was made using the same exact camera settings. There was no need to change them because the light stayed very consistent even while I moved around so there was never a need to change anything.

Straight out of camera: All the different possibilities.

Lightroom Selections & Process

With the images captured it was time to load them all into Lightroom, make my final selections and begin the editing process. The first thing I knew I had to address was the fact that all of the Horizon lines did not match up because I had been hand holding and composing these images, versus using a tripod and if these images were going to sit on a wall together, all the horizontal lines needed to be the same level throughout each image.

Once level I could go ahead with the basic processing techniques which were very basic exposure, color and sharpness adjustments to finish it all off.

Final Sections, Processed and Collaged for a really cool wall piece.



Camera Setting and Gear:

  • Camera: Canon EOS 6D
  • Lens: Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L USM
  • Focal Length: 40mm
  • Shutter Speed: 1/60th
  • Aperture: F16
  • ISO: 100

Processing Software Used:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud; Lightroom CC 2015 Only

photo(s) by:
Adam Furtado aka: Jymmy Lopez

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