Persistence: Sunday School Episode 26

//Persistence: Sunday School Episode 26


2016 Davenport, CA

If at first you don’t succeed, try, and try again. In last weeks episode Jack wasn’t able to capture the image he set out to get. That was actually a couple months ago. This week Nate and him decided to give it another shot. They travel back to the Davenport Crack in hopes of capturing this awesome location in some really nice light.

It wasn’t looking very promising but they were able to find an alternate way to get to the spot. It wasn’t the easiest or safest thing that’s ever been done but it worked.

Check out the video to see Jack walk you through what he is seeing compositionally and then he describes how he plans to capture the image. As always there is some sweet aerial footage of the beautiful California coast.

In an effort to make things simple, Jack only used Lightroom to process this image. Most changes were made using the Basics section. He adds a quick tip on how to very easily correct chromatic aberrations in your images.

Keep feeding us your thoughts on these short films. We are continually trying to improve and include more of what you like and find helpful. Every comment matters!!! Don’t be shy.

Straight out of camera
Final Processed Image

Camera Gear and Settings:

Processing Software & Gear Used:

Video Gear:

photo by: Jack Thatcher

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