Sunday School Episode 25: Plan B

//Sunday School Episode 25: Plan B
Sunday School Episode 25: Plan B                                  Another Sunday School Tip.

Plan B

2016 Davenport, CA

What happens when your plan fails horribly? You start looking for Plan B. That is exactly what happened to Jack on this trip. He had a shot in mind but Mother Nature didn’t cooperate. This is when the creative mind starts churning and you have to force yourself to change your vision.

This shot ended up being a lesson in compromise and patience. Once Jack found his new composition it was all about waiting for the perfect moment. It took awhile but it eventually came… almost always does if you are patient.

Jack used both Lightroom and Photoshop CC to process this image. It went a little deep with luminosity masks….which can be a bit boring.

The PhotoNERDs want to help you learn digital photography. Keep feeding us your thoughts on these short films. We are continually trying to improve and include more of what you like and find helpful. Every comment matters!!! Don’t be shy.

Learn Digital Photography
Straight out of camera
Final Processed Image

Camera Gear and Settings:

Processing Software & Gear Used:

Video Gear:

photo by: Jack Thatcher

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