Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts: Take Back Your Life

//Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts: Take Back Your Life

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PhotoNERDs believes that anyone using Photoshop, Photoshop Elements or Lightroom, should be learning how to use Keyboard Shortcuts. Keyboard Shortcuts are truly the only way to work when using editing software on a regular basis. So if you are not using Keyboard Shortcuts when editing, you are wasting valuable time. Here at PhotoNERDs we are about doing things quick and easy but also about doing things right, so we are going to help you learn the Keyboard Shortcuts, starting with Photoshop.

Now if you have never used Keyboard Shortcuts before, don’t worry, they are extremely easy and useful. The problem is there are tons of keyboard shortcuts. Almost too many to remember. So here is a little tip to help get you started. Don’t try and learn all of them at one time. That would be a disaster and completely unrealistic unless you have, “Rain Man” like powers. Instead, learn 5 at a time. Learn 5 keyboard shortcuts, master them and then try to learn 5 more and then master those. Before you know it, you will know 10-20 keyboard shortcuts which will cut hours off your editing time so you can spend time doing other things.

Staying true to the learn 5 at a time rule, we are going to keep this a video series. Each video will contain on 5 keyboard shortcuts. We will create these every so often so be sure to check back in to this post to see and learn all the keyboard shortcuts as we create videos to show what these keyboard shortcuts do and where we might use them in our workflow.

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