Make Light Rays In Lightroom

//Make Light Rays In Lightroom

This video isn’t really about how to make light rays in Lightroom although we will, in fact, show you how to do it. There is much more about the process of making light rays in a photograph that can be used on lots of photographs in many different ways. Our hope is that you learn some of these tricks and apply them in other edits when possible.

Recently, we discussed how to change opacity, of a local adjustment in the Develop Module. In this video, we will expand on that with one more Lightroom tip sure to make you happy.

We also have some other topics of discussion to expand on as well. In particular, there are 3 main things you should know and understand in order to better complete this advanced lightroom technique.

1. 00:01:19 We are using the Adjustment Brush
2. 00:02:05 How to create and switch between custom brushes
3. 00:04:30 How to make an adjustment as an even transition

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  • Wow! What a fun little trick. Love the video 🤓

    Laura G 18.01.2017

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