Leading Lines 4 ways

//Leading Lines 4 ways

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Leading lines in photography can be anything and therefore come at any angle. Lines can be implied but this post is more about literal lines. A street, road, railroad tack, fence, power lines, rocks in a path way, rivers just to name some examples.

Here are the 4 lines that Adam Furtado aka: Jymmy Lopez find to be the most impactful.

  • Horizontal
  • Vertical
  • Diagonal, typically, at a 45 degree angle starting and ending in the corners when possible.
  • “S” Curves.

Below are 4 examples of leading lines used in the explained 4 ways. You can see how these lines are very intentional and there is no question as to what direction they are traveling. The viewer knows the intent without thinking about out it. This makes the image more pleasing on the eyes.

Any lines outside of these 4 usually confuse the viewer or make them feel as though there is something wrong with the photo. If you are going for that, well, mission accomplished but that is not usually the case. Take an example when the Horizontal line is not perfectly Horizontal, to most people, this image looks crooked. Or when a vertical line is not perfectly vertical. Now the image just looks like it’s leaning to one side or the other. Keep your lines, simple, clean, straight and your images will see improvement.

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