How To Quick Develop in Lightroom

//How To Quick Develop in Lightroom

The Quick Develop panel in the Library module gives you the convenience of quickly applying color and tone adjustments to one or more photos without leaving the Library module. Adjustments made to multiple photos using the Quick Develop panel are relative, not absolute. Any Quick Develop settings you make are recorded in the History panel of the Develop module, and corresponding slider controls adjust accordingly in the Basic panel.


Click the triangle  button on the right side of any section in the Quick Develop panel to show or hide that section.

  1. In the Library module, select one or more photos in the Grid view.
  2. In the Quick Develop panel, do any of the following:
    1. Apply a Preset
    2. Crop
    3. Color Treatments (Color or Black and White)
    4. Adjust White Balance (Tempature and Tint)
    5. Exposure
    6. Color
    7. Contrast
    8. Highlights
    9. Shadows
    10. Whites
    11. Blacks
    12. Clarity
    13. Vibrance

Reset Quick Develop adjustments

  • As you try out different adjustments in the Quick Develop panel, you can undo them by pressing Ctrl Z (Windows) or Command Z (Mac OS).
  • To reset a photo to the Lightroom default import settings, click the Reset All button at the bottom of the Quick Develop panel or choose Photo > Develop Settings > Reset.
  • To remove all settings completely, choose General – Zeroed from the Saved Preset pop-up menu in the Quick Develop panel.

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