How to increase contrast using curves in Photoshop

//How to increase contrast using curves in Photoshop

How to increase contrast using curves in Photoshop.

From time to time, you may look at a photo that needs just a little bit more pop or punch. This is even more true when you have your camera set to capture photos in RAW format. For this reason it is possible that adding contrast to a photograph can start you off on the right foot and get you heading in the right direction to a great looking photo. Contrast is simply the difference between your light and dark values. By increasing the separation between these values you will notice that the exposure in your photo can look a bit more dramatic. You may be looking to add a little drama to a photo as well and therefore increasing contrast could be the solution. In this short #FridayQuickies video, PhotoNERDs wants to show you a quick and easy way to increase contrast in a photograph by using a Curves adjustment layer inside of Adobe Photoshop.

Once you know how to increase contrast in Photoshop and you see the results of doing so, you will see how this simple and fast adjustment can help those boring and drab photos look more punchy and dramatic and it will take no time at all to do so. There are many ways and reasons to increase contrast using a Curves adjustment layer, this is just one of several examples.

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