How to group photos using Quick Collections in Lightroom

//How to group photos using Quick Collections in Lightroom

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How to group photos using Quick Collections in Lightroom.

Adobe Lightroom provides numerous options for grouping photos together for whatever reasons you see fit. Depending on how you have your folder structure set up, folders can in fact be one way you may consider grouping images. However, too much over use of folders is not only non effective, it can actually become quite complicated and less user friendly over time. Folders is definitely needed for a good base but should not be the go-to way of grouping images for a very specific reason.

At this point you may be asking yourself this question, “If folders is not the best way to organize my photos into groups, then what is?”. That is a great question and luckily for you as stated before, Lightroom has a variety of other options. PhotoNERDs believes that Collections in general coupled with Key-wording your photos is a fantastic way to create groups of photographs inside of Lightroom.

Collections can be set up in just about anyway imaginable but one specific type of collection PhotoNERDs is referring too in this weeks #FridayQuickies relates to the use of Quick Collections. Lightroom Quick Collections are a great way to create groups of images for temporary uses. It is important to note, since this was not mentioned in the video, there is only one quick collection and for this reason you will need to clear the collection before starting another quick collection.

You can do this by selecting all the photos inside of your quick collection (Select All: Ctlr-A on a PC or Command-A on a MAC), Go to Photo and Remove from Collection.


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