How To Fix White Balance In Lightroom

//How To Fix White Balance In Lightroom

How to Fix White Balance in Lightroom is just one of many color adjustments you can make when color is a problem. Learn what is white balance, how does white balance impact your photographs and then how to correct or fix white balance in a few easy steps.


  • Love it! I’ve played with all these tools but the color picker – that’s an awesome new tip. Thanks!

    Becky 10.10.2016
    • AWESOME! We know that for many folks we may be covering content already familiar to you. We are doing it to get all the basics out of the way before we start hitting people with more advanced tips and tricks, but we are always happy to hear that you may pick up a little nugget here and there and that is why we share. Glad you learned something new today.

      JymmyJack 10.10.2016

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