How to Export a JPEG out of Lightroom

//How to Export a JPEG out of Lightroom


How to Export a JPEG out of Lightroom

You might be asking yourself why you need to know how to export a file as a jpeg from Lightroom. Is this useful information? Does this actually even apply to me? If you are asking these questions then the answer is yes and yes. Lightroom is an incredible product, which is why most Pro and even Non-Pro Photographers use it. It will catalog all of your files and when used properly, Lightroom will make it easy to find, edit and share your photos with others quickly and easily. While this is all great information, it is not the end all be all and there are little things you need to know and understand about Lightroom and how it works.

First, Lightroom uses a cataloging system to keep track of all your photos and videos. Lightroom is actually just working as a directory of sorts, which means that your photos don’t actually live inside of Lightroom. They live where they were when you started, for example, if your images where on your computers hard drive…well, they still do. Lightroom is simply pointing to your computers hard drive and showing you what the photos and videos look like.

Second, any adjustments or changes you make to your photos or videos inside of Lightroom live in Lightroom until you decide to change that. Lightroom is holding all of the changes. Your original photos and videos have not been changed at all, in fact, if you make a change and then go look at the original it will look as it did before. This means that in order for anyone to see the changes you made to your photos you will need to export the file out of Lightroom and into a file type that others can view, print, share, etc.

This brings us to today’s video, PhotoNERDs is going to show you how to export a photo that has adjustments out of Lightroom so that you can print, send and share it with whoever you please. We hope you enjoy this tip.

Tips-iconOne last final tip to leave you with. If you are going to spend the time to enter in all this information when you are ready to export a file for use. You really should consider making a preset which contains all this information. The reason is because chances are you are going to use this type of information many times over. After you see all of the information needed to properly create a jpeg file, you are not gonna want to enter this over and over and over again every time you need a JPEG. So do yourself a favor. Make a preset the first time you do this and save it. You can call it, “SAVE FOR WEB” or “SAVE FOR PRINT” or “JPEG FOR SHARE”, you decide. These are just a few examples of names but once saved you have a preset that will automatically fill in the information the second you select the preset and therefore you will not need to enter anything. Select and export. Done!

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  • Thanks Photonerds for this video! Such perfect timing! I was doing such a difficult way – – you showing me what to do is making life easier! You guys are great!


    Terry Ludlow 26.11.2015
    • Thanks Terry, This video was created because a fellow PhotoNERD supporter had asked us to make this video for her because she was struggling with this as well. We were happy to help her and now help you. That’s what this is all about, learning together. If you have advice for a video or if you are struggling with something and want to know if there is an easier way, let us know. We would love to create our next tip | tutorial for you. Thanks for your support, you are why we do what we do!

      JymmyJack 26.11.2015

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