How a Photograph is MADE

//How a Photograph is MADE

Every week PhotoNERDs brings you, “Sunday School”, this is us taking one image, and teaching you what went into capturing the photo of the week. This is us showing you how a photograph is made.

The good, the bad, the challenges, the thought process, what lens we decided on, why we decided on a particular composition, the story, a mood we were feeling, everything and anything. This is your chance to see inside the mind of the artist behind the photo.

In addition to that, we also discuss the editing approach for the photograph for the post processing side.

NOW, we have added another cool feature to this already great series. In the past we always gave you the settings but now, thanks to your feedback we are giving you what we chose in order of priority. This should help you better understand which is most important when dialing in your settings.

ALL of this is how an image is, “MADE”.


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