Free Transform Layers using Photoshop

//Free Transform Layers using Photoshop

Free Transform Layers using Photoshop | PhotoNERDs.


The Free Transform Tool is an awesome tool and something that you will most likely need to use often when inside of Photoshop (any version including Photoshop Elements for that matter). However, many folks don’t use this tool correctly and with one simple keyboard selected you could easily eliminate the mistake. What is the mistake?

A common mistake we see here inside of Photoshop happens when someone is looking to scale a layer. To be more specific, to scale a layer to size that usually has a person in it. When you don’t scale the layer properly, you actually warp and distort the proportions of the layer making things look weird. Whenever you are considering scaling a layer to make or larger or smaller, you should do it by controlling the proportions. This will ensure that the image does not become out of balance from the original. So in this short video PhotoNERDs is going to show you the trick for scaling, rotating and pivoting a layer by using the Free Transform Tool inside of Photoshop.

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