Free Transform Flip Horizontal in Lightroom

//Free Transform Flip Horizontal in Lightroom

Flipping an Image in Lightroom has always been a struggle. If I ever wanted to flip an image I would have to take my image from Lightroom, into Photoshop, use Free Transform, Flip it and bring it back to Lightroom. This is a huge pain and time consuming….until now.

We have figured out how to use free transform, flip horizontal from the inside of Lightroom. So cool. And if that was not enough, there is even a second option to mirror an image in Lightroom which can be done in the Library Module without ever having to go to the Develop Module. We are amazed that we didn’t know how to do this and thought we needed to share it with the Photonerd Community in case one of you was frustrated with this as well.


  • Handy tip, PhotoNerds! thanks for sharing.

    Becky 29.09.2016
    • so glad you liked it. We think it’s pretty handy also.

      JymmyJack 29.09.2016

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