Find out the Urban Dictionaries definition of a PhotoNERD

//Find out the Urban Dictionaries definition of a PhotoNERD


If you have you’ve ever wanted mad street cred but didn’t have the slang to back it up, the Urban Dictionary would be your source for the low down. Lucky for us the Urban Dictionary is here to help us define the meaning of a Photo Nerd giving us that cred we deserve. We are not sure what you think but we’d say this is pretty damn accurate description. Tell us your thoughts, we’d love to hear your definition of a Photo Nerd. Go ahead, leave us a comment.

  1. Photography is your life. Photo Nerds eat, drink, sleep, dream and think about photography every day. Its the feeling of falling In love. Photography makes you feel alive, passionate, obsessed, with a burning desire in your soul to create images to help express yourself with a camera.

When used in a sentence, the Urban Dictionary writes:
Check out those three photo nerds, they probably have five cameras each around there necks!!

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