Article 8: Fill The Frame

//Article 8: Fill The Frame

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In the spirit of keep it simple stupid, we bring you another single photographic tip that can make an impact on your photography starting today. The trick? FILL THE FRAME.

This concept sounds simple but is often overlooked. Let’s face it, when you get that camera out and you are surrounded by all things awesome, you get sensory overload and forget even the basics of ideas. But if you remember nothing else that PNU has taught you, please for heaven’s sake (if you believe in that kind of stuff of course) remember to fill the frame. It will make a HUGE difference to the viewer, it will define your subject matter and help keep the image simple. Simplicity can be some of the most impactful.

Let us show you what we mean. Here is an example of locks on a bridge.

In the BEFORE image we use a large aperture to show everything in focus. The locks on the bridge and the buildings in the background. This was way too busy and distracting. How is the view ever going to know what the subject matter really was? What was the picture really about?

Then in the AFTER image, taking the same exact photo with a small aperture to show the locks in focus and the background soft. This did make the locks more of a focal point, sure, but not nearly as impactful as the next image.


fill the frame_locks_1_webfill the frame_locks_2_web



This is the story that we were trying to sell. Now do you see why filling the frame is so cool?


Image captured Rothenburg, Germany

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