Fake Depth of Field in Lightroom

///Fake Depth of Field in Lightroom

For some photographers, camera settings, dials and compositions come quickly and easily. For other photographers, especially if you are just starting out, all the many things to think of can be a bit overwhelming and you may miss the mark creatively from time to time. When it comes to depth of field this is true but other times you may think that you applied the right amount of aperture only to find out later on that it wasn’t shallow enough and you may be left wanting more blur.

Another example is that you wanted a shallow aperture for more depth of field but the subject matter was too important to risk missing the mark. This can be true when photographing large groups of people for example.

When it’s all said in done, you can fake depth of field in Lightroom with little effort and the results can be exactly what you were looking for all along. Here is a short tutorial showing you exactly how to achieve it.

Full Edit: Before and After

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