article 5: harsh light

//article 5: harsh light

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About 83% of the day is filled with light that isn’t ideal for shooting outdoors. Granted a large portion of this time is during the night which is actually a really fun time to shoot but that is not what we are here to talk about today. We are talking about the time between sunrise and sunset. The sun is high in the sky and super bright. This can make for some extremely harsh light. What should you do in this situation? I say go for it.

Our favorite thing to do in the middle of the day is switch our minds over to black and white mode. Harsh light in the middle of the day can create some really high contrast and cool shadows that can help create some powerful black and white images. Ever thought about street photography? Why not give it a go?


Let your creative juices start flowing and have some fun with it. Some of our favorite images are black and white street photography shot in the middle of the day. Not near a big city? No problem, use some solo trees as your subjects. Again shadows and high contrast can be really nice during the middle of the day.


Another option is to focus on the details of your subject. Going macro could be really great during the middle of the day.

The bottom line is that just because its the middle of the day and its harsh light doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be shooting. Experiment with contrast and shadows. If an opportunity presents itself, take the shot.

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