article 3: be exciting

//article 3: be exciting

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Have you ever seen The Secret Life of Walter Mitty? If not, you need to go watch it immediately after you are done hanging out with us here. It is a great story about adventure with a photography theme. This is what being a PhotoNERD is all about. Chasing light and going on adventures to create beautiful images. Let photography be an excuse to try things and go places you woudn’t otherwise try or go.

There is nothing better than chasing a sunrise or sunset just to capture that perfect moment where the light is just right. Be patient and wait for those moments. Maybe it is waiting for an opening in the clouds and allowing some killer sunrays to blast through. Maybe you are into street photography and you’re waiting for the perfect moment to capture an interesting moment in time. Whatever you’re into just be sure to be patient and wait for the exciting moments.

You can also inject some excitment into your images by using the elements around you. Slow down your shutter and introduce some movement into your image. Any motion you include will add to the feeling and wonder of an image. Be careful not to overdo it though…..too much motion in an image can be overwhelming. Take multiple images until you feel you have captured the excitement you wanted to share.

The bottom line is to go out and have fun. Go to places that get you excited and in turn your images will show that excitment you felt. Take your time to capture what you felt and what you want others to feel.

“No place is boring if you’ve had a good night’s sleep and have a pocket full of unexposed film.” – Robert Adams

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