Digital Photography Sunday School Episode 3

//Digital Photography Sunday School Episode 3
Digital Photography Sunday School Episode 3 with PhotoNERDs. Vermont Photo Tour 2015, with McKay Photography Academy
Final Processed Image
Straight out of camera

Camera Setting and Gear:

  • Camera: Canon EOS 6D
  • Lens: Canon EF 70-200mm F4L IS USM
  • Focal Length: 155mm
  • Shutter Speed: 1/200th
  • Aperture: F5.6
  • ISO: 200

Processing Software Used:

  • Photoshop CC 2015.
  • Also applied, NIK Filters: Dfine 2, Output Sharpener and Color Efex Pro 4

photo by:
Adam Furtado aka: Jymmy Lopez

Fire In The Hole

Vermont 2015, Fall Photo Tour with McKay Photography Academy

It was the last day of the tour, the weather up until this point had been perfect with the exception of the pre-tour scout. In addition to it being the last day, this was 3rd to the very last photo location of the day as well. A gem of a place too, a typical New Hampshire landscape, rocky with a beautiful stream, tall trees with tons of fall color……oh, and lots of tourists too.

The tourist were not the only problem to address, the other, the sun. The sun was blaring down on the left side of my composition and that was the side with the most color, the right side had some color but not nearly as the left side did. So I had to think smart and think quick because we had only about 20 minutes before we had to pack up the car and leave.

Moving your feet and working the scene for a better composition is often missed but extremely important. As soon as I began to move, I noticed this beautiful reflection of the left side fall color. Even better, if I angled my composition just right, I had no tourists to contend with and the sun was not an issue. In fact, it just made the reflection even more wonderful to look at.

Editing Process

The items that were distracting to me were all the little spots in the reflection (you can see them in the, “Straight out of camera” image). After using a combination of the Clone Stamp Tool and the Spot Removal Tool, the spots in the reflection were gone. I also cropped this image to a 9×16 ratio which gives a nice long, narrow, almost cinematic feel. Then the image was finished off with a Tonal Adjustment, Color Enhancements and Sharpening.

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