Digital Photography Sunday School Episode 24: Target Art

//Digital Photography Sunday School Episode 24: Target Art
Digital Photography Sunday School Episode 24.        Another Sunday School Tip.

Target Art

2016 Sacramento, CA

Have you ever seen those photographs for sale at Target or similar stores? This week we kept it simple and tried to see if we could create an artsy image that we would be happy to hang in our home. The goal was to keep it super simple.

Jack literally took four shots for this image. It probably only required two. The vision was there before he even clicked the shutter. The first shot was to see how close the exposure was with the meter lined up. The second shot was adjusted to get the truly correct exposure for this image….+1 was the magic recipe. The other two were slightly adjusting the angle of the image.

You can easily create art you are happy to put in your home. Follow Jack and Adam as they have some fun in Downtown Sacramento.

Keep feeding us your thoughts on these short films. We are continually trying to improve and include more of what you like and find helpful. Every comment matters!!! Don’t be shy.

Editing Process

Jack is trying to simplify his life. Step 1: Use more Lightroom and less Photoshop. In this episode he talks you through his thought process prior to starting his processing and then gives a detailed explanation of every adjustment that was made to create the final image. Check it out!

Click here to watch this weeks Sunday School and see exactly what we are talking about.

Straight out of camera
Final Processed Image

Camera Gear and Settings:

Processing Software & Gear Used:

Video Gear:

photo by: Jack Thatcher

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