Digital Photography Sunday School Episode 22: Road to Nowhere

//Digital Photography Sunday School Episode 22: Road to Nowhere
Digital Photography Sunday School Episode 22

Another Sunday School Tip.

Road to Nowhere

2016 San Jose, CA

So if you watched last week you saw that Jack got suckered in to using his cameras by the water. Water is basically his kryptonite. This week he protected himself by not bringing any cameras. What was the goal? Locate and capture one image from the sky before the quadcopter batteries run out.

GOAL ACHEIVED!!!! For the record all aerial video and the final image was captured with one battery. They last about 18 minutes.

You have to check out the view he found. It was close to water but not too close. It was a safe distance away. Join him on the journey and watch as he talks you through his thoughts about the image during post production.

Keep feeding us your thoughts on these short films. We are continually trying to improve and include more of what you like and find helpful. Every comment matters!!! Don’t be shy.

Editing Process

Jack processed this image using only Lightroom CC. He talks you through his thought process prior to starting his processing and then gives a detailed example about a sweet little tool in Lightroom that he thinks is commonly overlooked or misunderstood. Check it out!

Click here to watch this weeks Sunday School and see exactly what we are talking about.

Straight out of camera
Final Processed Image

Camera Gear and Settings:

Processing Software & Gear Used:

Video Gear:

photo by: Jack Thatcher

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