Digital Photography Sunday School Episode 13

//Digital Photography Sunday School Episode 13
Digital Photography Sunday School Episode 13.               Another Sunday School Tip.
Final Processed Image
Straight out of camera

Camera Gear and Settings:

Processing Software Used:

photo by: Jack Thatcher


2016 Merced River, Yosemite, CA

I’m a sucker for water. Any water really. Hell, I like drinking water. It’s all good to me. I’ve been working on a little project for the past year or so where I take images of the details in water. I don’t have a name for the project yet but I have a handful of images that I am really happy with. Name suggestions for the project are welcomed. 🙂

Yosemite is magical. Anyone who has been there knows this. Everything is so vast and majestic. The more I go there the more I like to look at the little details in the landscape. I try not to be taken over by the typical images that you see from there. I like to capture my own little special moments in time. I came up with a term for this awhile back…….I call it “Collecting Fragile Moments”. Life is really short and the world is constantly changing. Take a moment to stop, enjoy and capture the small moments in life. I could literally sit on the Merced River all day and be completely content.

Ok, on to the image and my thought process. The key for me with this type of image is shutter speed. My goal is to get just the right movement in the water. I like to see the power but I also like to see the movement. I probably shot 20 images in this exact spot until I finally got this image. Normally when I get it I know it. Through trial and error I kept playing with the shutter speed until it fell on 1/8th of a second. I shot multiple frames because even though the settings will be the same the water is always doing something slightly different. I kept my ISO at 100 for the best quality. It just so happens that at this time of day my aperture fell at f/11 which I was really happy with. F/11 with this lens is REALLY sharp. Zoom in tight on this and look at the detail… is mind blowing.

Editing Process

I kept this super simple. I started in Lightroom CC as usual and boosted the contrast and played with the basic sliders to adjust the tones to get the image where I wanted. I did a little split toning to bring out the nice blues in the shadows and I wanted the highlights to have a slight tint of purple. I also selectively boosted the brown/yellows in the water because I didn’t want them to get too muddy. I ramped up the clarity to get some really nice lines in the image….I may have over done it a bit.

Then I moved over to Photoshop CC to do some minor tweaks. There were a couple spots I cleaned up using the spot healing brush. After that I simply added a vignette and that was it. Short and sweet.

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