Digital Photography Sunday School Ep 12

//Digital Photography Sunday School Ep 12
Another Sunday School TIp.


2016 Fjij

If you have never read the PhotoNERDs Declaration you should click on the photo below and read it before finishing this Sunday School article.

Now that you have read the ‘Declaration’ I would like to point out a particular line that reads as follows, “you will see the good, the bad, the trials and tribulations, the successes and the failures that every photographer goes through” and this is our mission and message today.

We had 2 days in Fiji but really only 1 full day to explore the main Island in our rental car. The decision was to head to the InterContinental Fiji Golf Resort & Spa for most of it. There was a storm rolling in that day (in fact, after we left for home, this was the same storm that passed Fiji only to turn around while gaining momentum into Cyclone Winston, the strongest cyclone to ever hit Fiji).

The stormy conditions gave some fabulous cloud cover and the lines or textures in the sand looked good to photograph. After several attempts at composing and exposing the scene, I was happy with the final image…… until I returned home and took another look at the photo.

The storm was great and the texture was cool but there is no clear subject matter in this photo. No foreground interest. No background interest. Toss in all the little dark rocks and seaweed pieces and it just looks like a dog poo’d all over the place. Staying optimistic, I still wanted to try and make it work.

Straight out of camera

Editing Process

It was at the start of the editing process that I knew I was in trouble with this photograph right away, but before I get into why I was in trouble, I want to mention that ZERO editing was done in Lightroom.

Typically I start my base, foundational edits (Contrast, Exposure, Color, etc) in Lightroom and then move to Photoshop for more detailed adjustments. I knew that Lightroom would not take me all the way so I opted to take this image directly into Photoshop from the beginning. Once in Photoshop, I used Adobe Camera Raw to make my foundational edits. There is no wrong or right way here and I could have done the foundational edits in Lightroom but didn’t since I knew I would need more.

There are usually 3 issues wrong with every photograph (Color, Exposure or Creative challenges) and you can work to fix any of these 3 issues in any order depending on the photo. Since the exposure in this photo was properly composed, I decided to start with the color however from the very first moment of working with the color it became a problem. The color balance in this image was just not coming together. When this happens, I prefer to illuminate the distraction by converting the image to black and white, so I did.

Once you go down the road to black and white, it is not about proper color balance anymore, now it is all about proper tonal balance AND HERE IN LIES THE PROBLEM. This edit has no balance and part is because there is no subject and with no subject and no balance this image falls apart.

In the end the lesson here is know when to walk away. I tried to boost contrast, balance the tones and create a subject but it just wasn’t happening for me and therefore I am going to take pause on this image, consider it a lesson learned and walk away and I am ok with that.

Final Processed Image


Camera Gear and Settings:

Processing Software Used:

photo by: Adam aka:Jymmy

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