article 1: simplify

//article 1: simplify

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Is more always better? A lot of times when photographers are first starting out they will try to incorporate as many details into an image as they can. I know when I first started with a wide angle I would try to get everything in. As time has passed I have learned that if something doesn’t help tell the story you are trying to tell then it doesn’t belong in the frame. This ultimately leads to much simpler and cleaner images. Now before I press the shutter I ask myself if everything in the frame is adding to the story I am trying to tell. If the answer is no I simplify.

This is also something that can be done in post processing. Although it is ideal to get an image right in camera it isn’t always possible. Here is a perfect example of having to simplify in post. My vision for the image was simply the moving airplane wheel. However, there was a ton of background clutter that I couldn’t avoid. As you can see I simply eliminated the clutter to really make my vision stand out.

One of the greatest artists of all time, Leonardo Da Vinci, said “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Keep this in mind and take your time before pressing your shutter.




Here is another example.

In the Before image, the photo is showcasing this moss covered tree in the middle of the Bavarian Alps. It was really beautiful how vibrant the green moss had gotten when you looked at it from a far. But what you didn’t notice was all the other colors within the mossy growth. So after some thought I began to realize that the image wasn’t about the forrest and it’s surroundings, the image was in fact about all the cool color that this tree really had. By zooming in and simplifying things we were able to capture something simple but beautiful.

Here is the After, and as an added bonus, through simplifying, I even noticed there was a nail with a tag of some kind on this particular tree. But, do you notice all the wonderful color? You couldn’t see anything in the before image.


_MG_0416_edit_web _MG_0416Edit_web[/twentytwenty]

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