Color Efex Tonal Contrast and Black and White Photography

//Color Efex Tonal Contrast and Black and White Photography

The Nik Collection is free.

Since March 24, 2016, Nik Collection by Google has been made available for free. Long before that, photographers have been trying to master the Art of Black and White photography. Thinking that you can, in fact, create the perfect black and white photo with one simple click of a single button in Lightroom or Photoshop is completely ridiculous. However, there is one adjustment that will work wonders and will help get you going in the right direction. It begins with Google Nik Collections, Color Efex. Learn how to create a beautiful, natural boost to your black and white photography with Google Nik Collections, Color Efex.


The beauty of Color Efex is that it can stack any combination of filters onto one single image. With over 55 filters to choose from, the combinations of looks is endless but that isn’t necessarily a good thing. Many of the 55 filters are highly destructive so proceed with caution. However, this post is to discuss one of our favorite adjustments in Color Efex. Whether you are working in color or black and white, this adjustment is fantastic.

Tonal Contrast

The following image has only 2 corrections applied to the photo. It was downloaded from the camera, imported into Lightroom, then we converted the

then we converted the photo to black and white (no sliders were adjusted).

Then we applied a default amount of Tonal Contrast with Color Efex and this was the result.

This is a complete Before and After with all creative adjustments applied. From RAW to Final.


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