article 13: create depth

//article 13: create depth

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Take a look-ee-loo at the following image and think about what makes it pretty cool. Well, aside from the fact that it is simply, well…….cool, the image has depth. What do we mean by depth? When you look at the image there are elements really close in front, almost as if you could touch that green seaweed on the rock at the bottom of the photo. Then, there are elements, more rocks, all the way in the distance.¬†This is how you can create depth in your images.

What’s the trick to achieving this magical effect? Wide angle lenses are just one way of creating depth in your photographs. Unfortunately many folks put wide angle lenses on their cameras and freak out because you see so much¬†stuff in the frame. Relax, slow down, take a breathe and get close to your subject. Place that wide angle right up against an interesting subject matter (like this seaweed covered rock) and let everything else fall into the distance. Go ahead and try it, you will love the results.

You can create the opposite effect and compress depth by using a telephoto lens. Here is an example where a telephoto lens was used to compress the depth in these beautiful California hills.

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