article 7: change your perspective

//article 7: change your perspective

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Have you ever wondered what an ant sees? What about the thought of the world through a childs eyes? Sounds cool right? The great thing about photography is that we can create these visions of the world through a camera and lens. How you ask? You just need to change your perspective. Lets discuss a few ways of doing this.

First off is to literally get on the ground. Don’t be afraid of getting a little dirty. Have some fun and play with perspective. Getting low and looking up can make things look bigger and more powerful.

What about the opposite of getting on the ground, stand on top of something. Maybe you have a small step stool that you can stand on to slighly change your perspective. A lot of casual photographers are stuck looking at the world the way that everyone else does……around 5’6″ off the ground and at roughly 43mm in photography terms (that’s about what the human eye sees).

This leads us to another option……change your lens. This can be really difficult if you are trying out a new lens for the first time because you will be seeing the world in a way you probably never have before. Don’t get discouraged; stick with it!!! Look for interensting ways to see things. Macro lenses are great for looking at the little details in things. Most people don’t ever pay attention to the beautiful details of the inside of the flower. You should show them. On the other end of the spectrum, wide angle lenses are great to show the vastness of a beautiful landscape.

Here is another example where most people would probably be using a wide angle lens to capture the colorful sunset. Instead the image captures some great detail of the water along with the amazing color of the sunset.

Try new things. See the world in a different light. This is what will make your images stand apart.

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