article 9: Size Matters

//article 9: Size Matters

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This is a very simple tip and definitely one to be considered, it’s not very complicating in fact it’s pretty straight forward.

Because we live in a 3 dimensional world it is often difficult to see it in a 2 dimensional photograph. For the reason we need to consider perspective and one easy way to do this is by adding scale.

Take this image here of all these gorgeous trees. At first glance we are not sure how big these trees really are because there is nothing to pair it too. Since our brain knows that trees come in all shapes and sizes, we come up with our own interpretation of just how large these trees might be. But what if we could use an object of some kind to help the brain determine how big these trees might be or how vast of an area these trees cover? Well, PNU aims to please and so we did just that.


Take that same image above and add in something for scale, such as a little boat house and seating areas. This really helps put into perspective a bit more of how large this area is and how large those trees might actually be.


It’s ok to have an image without scale that you might use for texture or pattern or whatever other creative elements artistically you may be going for. However, if you have a chance to take the same photo with an element for scale, size matters and it could add an emotional element to the photo that you were least expecting and may enjoy. You can always decide later which you prefer.

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