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We combined our creative and technical thinking minds to help build a creative community of artists.

We elevate struggling creatives looking to be inspired, learn and unlock their photographic potential.


Our brand is new, but we’ve been in the industry for some time now. We’ve gained experience working for one of the largest photo tour companies in the US. Throughout our travels, we fell in love with, and learned a lot about photography. We had tons of amazing experiences throughout our time teaching but realized that guests who were serious about photography wanted trips specifically geared towards the full photography experience. Amazing locations, great light, field advice, post processing instruction all while experiencing luxurious accommodations or off the beaten path opportunities.


At our core we love to teach, we love art and we love photography. Our goal is to make every engagement with PhotoNERDs positive, inspiring and educational. We know that there are many great artists and great teachers but not all are both, let us show you that we are. We will be in your corner throughout every step of your photographic journey. Your journey doesn’t end when we say goodbye on a trip. We are a community of fellow photo nerds and we are here for you. We are PhotoNERDs. PhotoNERDs Unite!!!


We created the ideal photography trips and 1on1 Mentoring classes for people of all ages and skill levels. All of our trips include hands on photography and post processing instruction. Your experience is at the core of what we offer. Each component of our trips, whether it’s photo instruction, transportation, activities, meals, etc., all work together to allow us to deliver a cohesive travel and photography experience for you. With us, you’ll get small group sizes and BIG experiences!