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Field Trips

San Francisco

6 Spots


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Lake Tahoe



Beautiful locations

A great way to travel safely as a group, get to beautiful locations and to get some great instruction from professionals

It was great! Lots of great information!

Pretty damn awesome!

Instructors have a great sense of humor

I always walk away from these classes and workshops with a wealth of knowledge. It helps that both instructors have a great sense of humor (except for maybe Adam, haha) and complement each other well. The use of visuals and hands on experience is great! Follow up resources are always well put together and very useful.

Love the link to all the notes and extras

Always a satisfying and thorough learning experience! I often feel like I walk away with an “information overload” but would rather have that than walk away feeling like I didn’t learn anything. Love the link to all the notes and extras that we went over in class too.

Prepare to Learn, Think & have Fun!

Finally, a class I can actually sit through! Two “real” & gifted photographers whose goal is to truly teach & take YOU to the next level. This is not your typical class – prepare to learn, think & have fun! I’ve left the class inspired & renewed – Thank You, Adam & Chris!

Marriela D.

Great examples and Great comparisons

You guys rock the teaching in a classroom scenario! Learned so much from this class – and you presented it so well – great examples and great comparisons (making cookies!)

Awesome, educational, supportive, FUN!!!

I loved the timing of all the shoots, making the most of the light. Also, the camaraderie that develops, no competition just supportive attitudes by one and all. Awesome, educational, supportive, FUN!!!

A workshop weekend with Photonerds is time well spent!

Amazing! I am constantly learning and becoming a better photographer. Photonerds certainly knows how to make use of the time I have with them! Even though this is my third workshop with Photonerds (Mammoth and Brookings, Oregon), I’m always totally amazed at the amount of individual training I always get! Photonerds are always pushing me to go beyond my comfort zone! I thoroughly appreciate the fact that Chris and Adam make sure my experience is beyond the best. They scout the area making sure they know the best locations for scenery, sunsets, sunrises, star shooting, and more. Never once did I shoot under intense sunlight! During those times, I was “in the classroom” learning more! Then there is the day of processing and ending up with a print ready for my walls at home. Adam and Chris take you from your first hour of shooting to a final product! They truly know their stuff, and are so good at teaching us their skills. They are professional and personal. They make you think, and will never give up on you! A workshop weekend with Photonerds is time well spent! Can’t wait for my next adventure!

Terry L.

You guys impress me

Always well thought out and planned. Teaching portions are very thorough Instructors are ok. (Kidding!!!) haha Actually, you guys impress me. (And sometimes that’s hard to do. ??) I feel like you both go above and beyond to make sure all the details are covered and that everyone is having a good time. I wholeheartedly appreciate that. Always have a lot of fun on these trips and love walking away with a treasure in hand.

Monica B.